2019 Australasian Database Conference and ECR/PhD Workshop Program (tentative)

ADC 2019 is co-located with ACSW 2019. The full program of ACSW 2019 can be found here

Time ADC Day 1 (29th January)
Location: 12SW - Room 313
9:30-13:00 ACSW Presentations and Talks
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 ACSW Keynote Presentation
15:00-15:30 ADC Opening
15:30-16:00 ADC Session 1:
Session Chair: Junhao Gan
  • A Versatile Framework for Painless Benchmarking of Database Management Systems
    Lexi Brent, Alan Fekete
16:00-16:30 Afternoon Tea
16:30-18:00 ADC Session 2:
Session Chair: Jianxin Li
  • Simple SQL Validation of Generalized Entity Integrity
    Zhuoxing Zhang, Hong Zhang, Sebastian Link
  • Neighbourhood Blocking for Record Linkage
    Daniel Elias, Josiah Poon
  • Context-aware Visualization of Entity-Entity Relationships in a Document Corpus
    Andreas Schmidt, Philipp Kief, Steffen Scholz
18:00-19:30 ACSW Welcome Reception

Time ADC Day 2 (30th January)
Location: 12SW - Room 313
9:00-10:30 ACSW Keynote Presentation
10:30-11:00 Morning Tea
11:00-12:30 ADC Session 3:
Session Chair: Lijun Chang
  • Batch Processing of Shortest Path Queries in Road Networks
    Mengxuan Zhang, Lei Li, Wen Hua, Xiaofang Zhou
  • Effective Community Search Over Location-Based Social Networks: Conceptual Framework with Preliminary Result
    Ismail Alaqta, Junhu Wang, Mohammad Awrangjeb
12:30-13:00 ACSW Lightning Talks
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:00 ACSW Keynote Presentation
15:00-16:00 ADC Session 4:
Session Chair: Guanfeng Liu
  • Extracting Temporal Patterns From Large-Scale Text Corpus
    Yu Liu, Wen Hua, Xiaofang Zhou
  • Items2Data: Generating Synthetic Boolean Datasets From Itemsets
    Ian Shane Wong, Gillian Dobbie, Yun Sing Koh
16:00-16:30 Afternoon Tea
16:30-18:00 ADC Session 5:
Session Chair: Zhifeng Bao
  • Materialized View Selection for Aggregate View Recommendation
    Humaira Ehsan, Mohamed A. Sharaf
  • Real Time Transaction Management in Replicated DRTDBS
    Pratik Shrivastava, Udai Shanker
18:30-22:00 ACSW Dinner

Time ECR/PhD Workshop Day 1 (31st January)
Location: 12SW - Room 313
9:30-11:00 Invited Talk 1
Speaker: Dr. Zhifeng Bao
Title: An Exploration of Geospatial Data
11:00-11:30 Morning Tea
11:30-12:30 Invited Talk 2
Speaker: Dr. Renata Borovica-Gajic
Title: A Tale of Learning Databases
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Keynote
Speaker: Prof. Beng Chin OOI
Title: Translational Healthcare Research from System and Data Perspectives
15:30-16:00 Afternoon Tea
16:00-17:30 Research Excellence Forum
Panel Members: Zhifeng Bao (RMIT), Renata Borovica-Gajic (Melbourne), Jianxin Li (Deakin), Wei Wang (UNSW), Wenjie Zhang (UNSW), Ying Zhang (UTS)... ...
18:00-21:00 Workshop Dinner [Location TBA]

Time ECR/PhD Workshop Day 2 (1st February)
Location: 12SW - Room 313
9:30-11:00 Invited Talk 3
Speaker: Dr. Xin Cao
Title: Group Search in Location-Aware Social Networks
11:00-11:30 Morning Tea
11:30-13:00 Invited Talk 4
Speaker: Dr. Mohamed Sharaf
Title: Scalable Exploration of Data-Driven Insights
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Invited Talk 5
Speaker: Prof. Wei Wang
Title: High-dimensional Data --- At the intersection of Databases and Machine/Deep Learning
15:30-16:00 Afternoon Tea
16:00-17:30 Invited Talk 6
Speaker: A/Prof. Jianxin Li
Title: Advanced Social Influence Maximization Computing over Large Social Networks

*NOTE: Each oral presentation has 30 mins (25 mins presentation and 5 mins Q&A).