2019 Australasian Database Conference

Accepted Papers

Batch Processing of Shortest Path Queries in Road Networks
Mengxuan Zhang, Lei Li, Wen Hua, Xiaofang Zhou

Extracting Temporal Patterns From Large-Scale Text Corpus
Yu Liu, Wen Hua, Xiaofang Zhou

Simple SQL Validation of Generalized Entity Integrity
Zhuoxing Zhang, Hong Zhang, Sebastian Link

A Versatile Framework for Painless Benchmarking of Database Management Systems
Lexi Brent, Alan Fekete

Neighbourhood Blocking for Record Linkage
Daniel Elias, Josiah Poon

Items2Data: Generating Synthetic Boolean Datasets from Itemsets
Ian Shane Wong, Gillian Dobbie, Yun Sing Koh

Real Time Transaction Management in Replicated DRTDBS
Pratik Shrivastava, Udai Shanker

Materialized View Selection for Aggregate View Recommendation
Humaira Ehsan, Mohamed A. Sharaf

Effective Community Search Over Location-Based Social Networks: Conceptual Framework with Preliminary Result
Ismail Alaqta, Junhu Wang, Mohammad Awrangjeb

Context-aware Visualization of Entity-Entity Relationships in a Document Corpus
Andreas Schmidt, Philipp Kief, Steffen Scholz